Saturday, 2 April 2011

Help with gym leaders 3

Driftveil City Gym leader: Clay the Ground type user
Krokorok lv 29, Excadrill lv 31, Palpitoad lv 29
For Krokorok and Excadrill use Water and Fighting type moves
For Palpitoad use Grass type moves to hammer it

If victorious you get the Quake badge

you get the TM78 Bulldose in front of Chargestone cave after gym battle

6th, 7th, and 8th gyms and pokemon leauge comming soon     

 Mistralton City Gym leader: Skyla the Flying type user

Swoobat lv 33, Unfezant lv 33, Swanna lv 35
for all 3 pokemon use Rock or Electric types to wipe her
and try to make Swanna faint in 1 shot because if it uses aerial ace you could take major damage.

If victorious you get the Jet badge and TM62 acrobatics.


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Help with Gym leaders 2

Castelia City Gym leader: Burgh: The bug type user
whirlpede Lv 21, dwebble Lv 21, Leavanny Lv 23
for whirlpede use flying and or fire type moves to do major damage  
dwebble is weak to water and rock type moves
and again leavanny is weak to fire and flying moves

if victorious you get the insect badge and TM76 Struggle bug

Nimbasa City Gym leader: Elesa: the Electric type
Emolga lv 25, Emolga lv 25, Zebstrika lv 27
For the Emolgas use Rock or Ice type moves to do major damage
For Zebstrika use Ground or Rock type moves to hammer it down

if victorious you get the Bolt Badge and TM72 Volt Switch               

Help with Gym Leaders

Striation City Gym: Starter pokemon depends on the leader you'll face
If you chose Tepig,Cress: Lilipup lv 12, Panpour lv 14
For lilipup use fighting types. If not hammer away with moves such as razor shell, flame charge and grass tornado.
For Panpour use the Pansage you received in the Dreamyard.

If you chose Oshawott, Cilan:  Lilipup Lv 12, Pansage lv 14              
For Lilipup use your starter pokemon and hammer away.
For Pansage use Pansear.

If you chose Snivy, Chili: Lilipup Lv 12, Pansear Lv 14
For lilpup hammer away with your starter pokemon.
For Pansear use Panpour Given.

When victorious you receive the Trio Badge and TM83 Work Up
Watch out as both pokemon will use work up which will increase their attack and special attack.

Nacrene City Gym Leader: Lenora; The Normal Type User
Herdier Lv 18, Watchog Lv 20
For Herdier use fighting type pokemon such as Timburr, Throh or Sawk,  which are all caught just outside of Nacrene city in Pinwheel Forest.
Watch out for Herdier's take down it will cause major damage.
Watch out for retaliate, Lenora's Watchog will use it straight after you defeat her Herdier and in addition it's attack power will be doubled after an allied pokemon has fainted during the previos turn.

here is some help for pokemon black/white

If you have just got out of dragonspiral tower after you have beaten the 7th gym fly back to nimbasa city and go to the desert resort (where you got the cover fossil/plume fossil) and now you cand go where you couldn't o before. battle team plasma grunts while advancing through the tower, (watch out for wild cofagrigus they have got very high defence). when you get to the bottom you will see Alder and Ghetsis then you will go back up andthen fly to Nacrene city to get the dark stone(white) light stone (black).

Saturday, 26 March 2011

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